, Volume 12, Issue 1, pp 6-8
Date: 26 Jan 2005

Simplification of Breast Cancer Surgery

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The article by Mendez et al.1 in this issue of Annals of Surgical Oncology is a reminder that all of our current surgical beliefs and convictions constantly need reanalysis and revision (or substantiation, as the case may be). Surgical oncologists should constantly review their operations, pathophysiological understanding, and conclusions so that we can provide leadership to the general surgical community regarding the diagnosis and management of cancers. We must be aware of disease trends, new data that accumulate, and new interpretations of and possibilities for surgical care. Articles such as this remind us to be alert to new assumptions. Our clinical and scientific field should be moving toward more sophistication in the selectivity and segmentation of patients and the rationalization of diagnosis and treatment, balancing risk and benefit, financial costs and savings, morbidity versus improved health, and complexity in contrast to simplification.

In breast cancer, remarkable changes ...