, Volume 10, Issue 1, pp 266-269
Date: 12 Mar 2009

Drug Targeting to the Hair Follicles: A Cyclodextrin-Based Drug Delivery

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Topical drug delivery systems that selectively target hair follicles and sweat glands are of interest to both the pharmaceutical and the cosmetic industry not only to treat dermal complications but also for systemic drug delivery (1,2). Possible dermal applications include treatment of acne, inflammation, and hair growth disorders. Hair follicles are tube-like pockets of the epidermis that extend through most or all of the depth of the skin and enclose a small papilla of dermis in their base. The hair bulb, which lies at the base of the hair follicle, is a structure of actively growing cells that eventually produce the long fine cylinder of a hair. Attached to the follicle are one or more sebaceous glands. The hair shaft is enveloped in an inner root sheath that consists of keratin-rich cells that have migrated from the growing cells that line the inside of the hair follicles (Fig. 1). Microparticulate vehicles, like liposomes (2,3) and nanoparticles (4), have been shown to ...