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, Volume 9, Issue 2, pp 349–356

Formulation and Evaluation of Fast Dissolving Films for Delivery of Triclosan to the Oral Cavity

Research Article

DOI: 10.1208/s12249-008-9047-7

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Dinge, A. & Nagarsenker, M. AAPS PharmSciTech (2008) 9: 349. doi:10.1208/s12249-008-9047-7


The present investigation was undertaken with the objective of formulating TC containing fast dissolving films for local delivery to oral cavity. Various film forming agents, film modifiers and polyhydric alcohols were evaluated for optimizing the composition of fast dissolving films. The potential of poloxamer 407 and hydroxypropyl-β- cyclodextrin (HPBCD) to improve solubility of TC was investigated. Fast dissolving films containing hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC), xanthan gum, and xylitol were formulated. Use of poloxamer 407 and HPBCD resulted in significant improvement in the solubility of TC. Fast dissolving films containing TC-HPBCD complex and TC-Poloxamer 407 were formulated and were evaluated for the in vitro dissolution profile and in vitro microbiological assay. Films containing TC-Poloxamer 407 exhibited better in vitro dissolution profile and in vitro antimicrobial activity as compared to the films containing TC-HPBCD complex. Effect of incorporation of eugenol on the in vivo performance of TC-Poloxamer 407 containing films was evaluated in human volunteers. Eugenol containing films improved the acceptability of TC-Poloxamer 407 films with respect to taste masking and mouth freshening without compromising the in vivo dissolution time.

Key words

fast dissolving films hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin poloxamer 407 triclosan 

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  1. 1.Department of PharmaceuticsBombay College of PharmacyMumbaiIndia

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