EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking

, 2012:256

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Multiple-relay selection in amplify-and-forward cooperative wireless networks with multiple source nodes

  • Jinsong WuAffiliated withBell Laboratories, Alcatel-Lucent Email author 
  • , Yimin D ZhangAffiliated withCenter for Advanced Communications, Villanova University Email author 
  • , Moeness G AminAffiliated withCenter for Advanced Communications, Villanova University
  • , Murat UysalAffiliated withFaculty of Engineering, Ozyegin University


In this article, we propose multiple-relay selection schemes for multiple source nodes in amplify-and-forward wireless relay networks based on the sum capacity maximization criterion. Both optimal and sub-optimal relay selection criteria are discussed, considering that sub-optimal approaches demonstrate advantages in reduced computational complexity. Using semi-definite programming convex optimization, we present computationally efficient algorithms for multiple-source multiple-relay selection (MSMRS) with both fixed number and varied number of relays. Finally, numerical results are provided to illustrate the comparisons between different relay selection criteria. It is demonstrated that optimal varied number MSMRS outperforms optimal fixed number MSMRS under the same power constraints.