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Date: 24 Oct 2011


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Our vision for this new SpringerOpen Access journal, Psychology of Well-Being: Research, Theory and Practice, is to promote a distinctly eclectic approach to investigating well-being. When the prospect of becoming Editors in Chief for this journal arose, we viewed this as the ideal opportunity to promote the integration of knowledge gained from diverse research fields both within psychology and where psychology intersects with other disciplines (e.g., biology, economics, philosophy, sociology and neuroscience). Our co-editorship enables us to advance this idea of integrating disparate fields with a shared interest in well-being, as we ourselves have backgrounds in diverse yet complementary areas of psychological research, Nikki from psychobiological perspectives on emotion, memory and music and Dianne from subjective perspectives of well-being including meaning, sense of community, positive interventions and workplace wellness. Our editorial board members also possess a broad breadth o ...