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Date: 11 Jun 2012

Crime science: editorial statement

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Imagine criminally active drug addicts or repeat offenders stealing from cars or houses. Do you think these criminals check the stock market before committing an offence? The vast majority of active offenders do not own shares and therefore do not need to keep up to date with the Dow Jones index. However, [Sidebottom et al 2011] demonstrate a very close relationship between monthly ups and downs of the copper price as traded on the London Metal Exchange with the extent of theft of copper from the UK railway system. Apparently, although copper thieves may not have been aware of the metal exchange dealings, their behavior reflected the price of the copper on the official market to a remarkable extent. Researchers in Australia found similar results with respect to petrol [Moffatt & Fitzgerald, 2006] but in this case the petrol theft tracks the price of petrol at the pumps.

At a time when the life sciences discover more and more about the genetic foundation of antisocial behavior [Moffitt, ...