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Date: 14 Sep 2012

The production of β-glucosidases by Fusarium proliferatum NBRC109045 isolated from Vietnamese forest


Fusarium proliferatum NBRC109045 is a filamentous fungus isolated from Vietnamese forest due to high production of β-glucosidases. Production of the enzyme was studied on varied carbon source based mediums. The highest activity was obtained in medium containing 1% corn stover + 1% wheat bran (3.31 ± 0.14 U/ml). It is interesting to note that glucose (0.69 ± 0.02 U/ml) gave higher activity and just followed by cellobiose among the di- and mono-saccharides, which is generally regarded as a universal repressor of hydrolases. We improved the zymogram method to prove that in response to various carbon sources, F. proliferatum could express various β-glucosidases. One of the β-glucosidases produced by F. proliferatum growing in corn stover + wheat bran based medium was partially purified and proved to have high catalytic ability.