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Date: 03 Oct 2012

A WUSCHEL -like homeobox gene, OsWOX3B responses to NUDA/GL-1 locus in rice



Most of the rice varieties are pubescent. However, the presence of trichomes is an undesirable characteristic in rice production because trichomes can cause atmospheric pollution. The use of glabrous rice varieties represents a solution to this problem. Yunnan Nuda Rice, a glabrous cultivar that constitutes approximately 20% of rice germplasms in Yunnan can provide important recourse for breeding of glabrous rice varieties.


The “Nuda” phenotype in Yunnan Nuda Rice was found to be controlled by a single recessive allelic gene within the well-characterized GL-1 locus. A high-resolution genetic and physical map was constructed using 1,192 Nuda individuals from the F2 population that was delivered from the cross between the Yunnan Nuda variety HMK and the pubescent TN1 variety. The NUDA/GL-1 gene was mapped to a 28.5 kb region containing six annotated genes based on the Nipponbare genomic sequence. By comparing the sequences and expression patterns of different pubescent and glabrous varieties, LOC_Os05g02730, a WUSCHEL-like homeobox gene (OsWOX3B) was identified as the candidate gene. This hypothesis was confirmed by RNA interference (RNAi) and transgenic complementation. Trichome deficiency in RNAi lines was associated with increased efficiency of grain packaging but did not affect the main agronomic traits.


NUDA/GL-1 locus encodes OsWOX3B gene.