Research Notes

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

, 31:189

First online:

An empirical test of trust-building processes and outcomes in sales manager-salesperson relationships

  • Thomas G. BrashearAffiliated withUniversity of Massachusetts-Amherst
  • , James S. BolesAffiliated withGeorgia State University
  • , Danny N. BellengerAffiliated withGeorgia State University
  • , Charles M. BrooksAffiliated withQuinnipiac University

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This study examines three trust-building processes and outcomes in sales manager-salesperson relationships. This study, based on a sample of more than 400 business-to-business salespeoples from a variety of industries, shows two trust-building processes (predictive and identification) to be significantly related to salesperson trust in the sales manager. Interpersonal trust was found to be most strongly related to shared values and respect. Trust was directly related to job satisfaction and relationalism, and indirectly related to organizational commitment and turnover intention.


trust sales relationships satisfaction