, Volume 31, Issue 1, pp 68-83

An Annotated Bibliography of Professional Literature on International Medical Graduates

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The compilation of this annotated bibliography has revealed deficiencies in our knowledge to date on the international medical graduate, both in psychiatry and in the larger field of medicine. We noticed a particular dearth of articles dealing with discrimination and quality/competence within the field of psychiatry itself. This by no means suggests that work in the domains of acculturation, workforce issues, and education is complete. International medical graduates, with their diverse origins and exposures, defy simple categorization. However, the category breakdown of acculturation, workforce, education and training, discrimination, and quality and competence does serve as a useful template for organizing this bibliography. Nevertheless, as research in this field advances, and as IMG issues evolve, it may very well be that a different categorization may become more appropriate. In the following, annotated articles are mentioned chronologically in the categories mentioned above.