, Volume 28, Issue 4, pp 310-320
Date: 09 Jan 2014

Gender Differences in the Practice Characteristics and Career Satisfaction of Psychiatrists in Ontario

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Objective: The authors explored practice characteristics, activities, and career satisfaction of male and female psychiatrists. Method: A questionnaire was mailed to all practicing psychiatrists in Ontario, Canada, to which 52% responded. Results: More women specialized in child, women’s mental health and geriatrics than did men, while men specialized more in forensics and psychosomatics. Women saw fewer patients for pharmacotherapy than did men. Women spent more time in session with their patients than did the men. Women were less involved in research, less likely to hold pharmaceutical funding, and less likely to have published within the last 5 years than men. Women described their careers as less successful than men but felt less regret in choosing psychiatry as a career. Conclusions: Men and women practicing psychiatry in Canada show similar differences to that reported in the U.S., although women report more satisfaction with their careers than men in Canada, a finding not reported in the U.S.