, 66:281
Date: 15 Nov 2012

Absolute OH density determination by laser induced fluorescence spectroscopy in an atmospheric pressure RF plasma jet

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In this paper, the ground state OH density is measured in high pressure plasma by laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) spectroscopy. The OH density determination is based on the simulation of the intensity fraction of fluorescence from the laser-excited level of OH (A) in the total detected LIF signal. The validity of this approach is verified in an atmospheric pressure Ar  +  H2O plasma jet sustained by a 13.56 MHz power supply. The transition line P1 (4) from OH (A,v′ = 1,J′ = 3) → OH   (X,v′′ = 0,J′′ = 4) is used for the LIF excitation. The absolute OH density is determined to be 2.5 × 1019 m-3 at 1 mm away from the jet nozzle. It corresponds to a dissociation of 0.06% of the water vapor in the working gas. Different mechanisms of OH (X) production in the core of the plasma jet are discussed and analyzed.