The European Physical Journal C

, Volume 51, Issue 2, pp 421-500

First online:

Towards the european strategy for particle physics: The briefing book

  • T. ÅkessonAffiliated withLund University
  • , R. AleksanAffiliated withCPPM/IN2P3-CNRS and DAPNIA/CEA
  • , B. AllanachAffiliated withCambridge University and DAMTP
  • , S. BertolucciAffiliated withINFN and Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati
  • , A. BlondelAffiliated withUniversity of Geneva
  • , J. ButterworthAffiliated withUniversity College London
  • , M. Cavalli-SforzaAffiliated withIFAE, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
  • , A. CerveraAffiliated withUniversity of Valencia
  • , M. de NauroisAffiliated withLPNHE-IN2P3-CNRS and University of Paris VI&VII
    • , K. DeschAffiliated withLund UniversityFreiburg University
    • , U. EgedeAffiliated withLund UniversityImperial College London
    • , R. HeuerAffiliated withLund UniversityUniversity of Hamburg and DESY
    • , A. HoeckerAffiliated withLund UniversityCERN
    • , P. HuberAffiliated withLund UniversityUniversity of Wisconsin
    • , K. JungmannAffiliated withLund UniversityKVI
    • , F. LindeAffiliated withLund UniversityNIKHEF
    • , A. LombardiAffiliated withLund UniversityCERN
    • , M. ManganoAffiliated withLund UniversityCERN Email author 
    • , M. MezzettoAffiliated withLund UniversityINFN and University of Padova
    • , G. OnderwaterAffiliated withLund UniversityKVI
    • , N. Palanque-DelabrouilleAffiliated withLund UniversityDAPNIA
    • , K. PeachAffiliated withLund UniversityJohn Adams Institute, University of Oxford and Royal Holloway University of London
    • , A. PolosaAffiliated withCPPM/IN2P3-CNRS and DAPNIA/CEAUniversity of Rome
    • , E. RondioAffiliated withCPPM/IN2P3-CNRS and DAPNIA/CEASoltan Institute for Nuclear Studies
    • , B. WebberAffiliated withCambridge University and DAMTP
    • , G. WeigleinAffiliated withCPPM/IN2P3-CNRS and DAPNIA/CEAIPPP, Durham University
    • , J. WomersleyAffiliated withCPPM/IN2P3-CNRS and DAPNIA/CEACCLRC, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

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This document was prepared as part of the briefing material for the Workshop of the CERN Council Strategy Group, held in DESY Zeuthen from 2nd to 6th May 2006. It gives an overview of the physics issues and of the technological challenges that will shape the future of the field, and incorporates material presented and discussed during the Symposium on the European Strategy for Particle Physics, held in Orsay from 30th January to 2nd February 2006, reflecting the various opinions of the European community as recorded in written submissions to the Strategy Group and in the discussions at the Symposium.