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The European Physical Journal B

, 87:26

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Exciton swapping in a twisted graphene bilayer as a solid-state realization of a two-brane model

  • Michaël SarrazinAffiliated withResearch Center in Physics of Matter and Radiation, University of Namur Email author 
  • , Fabrice PetitAffiliated withBCRC (Member of EMRA)

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It is shown that exciton swapping between two graphene sheets may occur under specific conditions. A magnetically tunable optical filter is described to demonstrate this new effect. Mathematically, it is shown that two turbostratic graphene layers can be described as a “noncommutative” two-sheeted (2 + 1)-spacetime thanks to a formalism previously introduced for the study of braneworlds in high energy physics. The Hamiltonian of the model contains a coupling term connecting the two layers which is similar to the coupling existing between two braneworlds at a quantum level. In the present case, this term is related to a K-K intervalley coupling. In addition, the experimental observation of this effect could be a way to assess the relevance of some theoretical concepts of the braneworld hypothesis.


Mesoscopic and Nanoscale Systems