, 48:120
Date: 20 Sep 2012

Proton polarisability contribution to the Lamb shift in muonic hydrogen at fourth order in chiral perturbation theory

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We calculate the amplitude T1 for forward doubly virtual Compton scattering in heavy-baryon chiral perturbation theory, to fourth order in the chiral expansion and with the leading contribution of the \( \gamma\) N \( \Delta\) form factor. This provides a model-independent expression for the amplitude in the low-momentum region, which is the dominant one for its contribution to the Lamb shift. It allows us to significantly reduce the theoretical uncertainty in the proton polarisability contributions to the Lamb shift in muonic hydrogen. We also stress the importance of consistency between the definitions of the Born and structure parts of the amplitude. Our result leaves no room for any effect large enough to explain the discrepancy between proton charge radii as determined from muonic and normal hydrogen.