Date: 02 May 2012

Nonlinear dynamics in VCSELs driven by a sinusoidally modulated current and Rössler oscillator

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We firstly investigate the dynamics of vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) subject to sinusoidally modulated current using numerical simulations. For a few-hundred MHz frequency of injection current, the VCSELs emit a single pulse or a package of pulses when the injection current fluctuates around the threshold current. By varying the amplitude of the modulation, we show that the width of the bistability hysteresis loop can be suppressed and replaced by smooth single or multiple switching. For a few GHz frequency of injection current, the polarization modes of VCSELs exhibit a period-doubling transition to chaotic behavior. Then by modulating the VCSELs pump current by one of the outputs of a Rössler oscillator, we generate dynamical behaviors found in VCSELs subject to a sinusoidally modulated current. This new way of modulation of semiconductor lasers would bring a general benefit in the physical equipment, and reduce their cost.