, 68:103
Date: 29 Apr 2014

Entanglement production in scattering of Gaussian wave packets from fixed localized impurities

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Generation of quantum entanglement in scattering of particles from fixed localized spin impurities is investigated. In the suggested approach, the incident particle is described by a Gaussian wave packet with an initial definite width. It is also assumed that the incident particle interacts with the impurities through the Ising and/or Heisenberg interactions. It is shown that the created entanglement is strongly affected by the initial width of the incident wave packet. For an initially well localized wave packet the created entanglement is low. However, as the initial width increases the entanglement grows appreciably and for sufficiently large values of the initial width the present results tend to our previous results for scattering of plane waves from spin impurities. For scattering from a double spin impurity, it is shown that the periodic behavior of the previous results changes significantly.