, Volume 55, Issue 3, pp 645-652
Date: 03 Oct 2009

Spectra of heliumlike carbon, aluminium and argon under strongly coupled plasma

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Spectral line positions for the highly stripped helium like carbon, aluminium and argon embedded in intense plasma environments have been calculated theoretically to compare with the existing data available from laser plasma experiments. The changes in the ionization potentials for such ions have been determined and the excitation energies, oscillator strengths and transition probabilities for the transitions 1s2 1S → 1snp 1P (n=2-5) have been evaluated for the diagnostic determination of such plasmas. The ion sphere (IS) model was used for estimating the effect of strongly coupled plasma on the ions within the non-relativistic as well as the relativistic framework. Time dependent perturbation theory has been applied for obtaining the linear response properties of the ions in the non-relativistic approximation. The effects of the plasma environment on such properties of the ions under the Debye screening model with suitable cut off radii have also been considered for comparing the data with those obtained from the IS model of the plasma.