, Volume 43, Issue 1-3, pp 91-95
Date: 24 May 2007

The colours of nanometric gold

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A set of broad-range NIR-vis-UV optical absorption spectra, measured for selected gold-cluster thiolate compounds (GCTs, containing ~20 to 300 Au atoms), is consistently displayed and then analyzed within the dielectric-functions approach. The size-evolution toward `bulk' (Au diameter >3-nm) optical response is thereby clearly demonstrated. The emergence of apparent energy gaps, Eon, for onset of optical absorption, as well as other fine-structure, is consistent with that of a well-quantized metallic electronic structure for the compounds' cores: the onset-band's location Eon and intensity are attributed semiclassically to a circulation-frequency resonance of the Fermi-level electrons. With decreasing cluster-size, an increasing fraction of the integrated (sum-rule) intensity is `missing' from the <4 eV region. This might be explained by the outermost layer consisting of Au(I)thiolate complexes.