Date: 30 Jun 2006

Longitudinal coherence and spectral profile of a nickel-like silver transient soft X-ray laser

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The spectral width of a Ni-like silver transient soft X-ray laser (4d-4p λ= 13.9 nm) was experimentally inferred from the measurement of its temporal coherence, performed with a novel wavefront division interferometer. The measured coherence time of 3 ps corresponds to a spectral linewidth of 0.7 mÅ which is narrow. We compare this experimental result to numerical simulations of the amplified line profile, performed along two different approaches. Both calculations predict a spectral linewidth that is about 3 times larger than the experimental value. We discuss several effects that might explain this discrepancy. We show that, due to the short duration of the X-ray laser pulse, the assumption of a stationary electromagnetic field used in both the experimental analysis and in the calculations need to be reconsidered.