Date: 12 Apr 2005

Comparison of neutron emission spectra for D and DT plasmas with auxiliary heating

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The DT experimental campaign on JET (1997) represents a major step forward for neutron emission spectroscopy (NES) diagnostic through the high quality data collected by the Magnetic Proton Recoil (MPR) spectrometer. These data for different DT plasma heating scenarios were analyzed here to determine the underlying fuel ion populations which in turn were used to project the 2.5-MeV neutron emission spectra for deuterium plasmas. The results on neutron spectra for DT and D plasmas in the same conditions were compared in order to determine the plasma information that could be expected from NES diagnosis of D plasmas and the instrumental characteristics that would be required. Future NES experiments would make dual sight line observations possible and the added diagnostic value is also assessed based on the present results.