Quantum-vacuum geometric phases in the noncoplanarly curved fiber system

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The connection between the quantum-vacuum geometric phases (which originates from the vacuum zero-point electromagnetic fluctuation) and the non-normal order for operator product is considered in the present paper. In order to investigate this physically interesting geometric phases at quantum-vacuum level, we suggest an experimentally feasible scheme to test it by means of a noncoplanarly curved fiber made of gyrotropic media. A remarkable feature of the present experimental realization is that one can easily extract the nonvanishing and nontrivial quantum-vacuum geometric phases of left- and/or right-handed circularly polarized light from the vanishing and trivial total quantum-vacuum geometric phases. Since the normal-order procedure may remove globally the vacuum energy of time-dependent quantum systems, the potential physical vacuum effects (e.g., quantum-vacuum geometric phases) may also be removed by this procedure. Thus the detection of the geometric phases at quantum-vacuum level may answer whether the normal-order technique is valid or not in the time-dependent quantum field theory.

Received: 4 February 2004, Published online: 29 June 2004


03.65.Vf Phases: geometric; dynamic or topological - 03.70. + k Theory of quantized fields - 42.70.-a Optical materials - 42.50.Xa Optical tests of quantum theory