Date: 22 Dec 2005

The Θ13 and δ CP sensitivities of the SPL-Fréjus project revisited

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An optimization of the CERN SPL beam line has been performed guided by the sensitivities to the Θ13 mixing angle and to the δ CP Dirac CP violating phase. A UNO-like 440 ktons water Čerenkov detector located at 130 km from the target in a new foreseen Fréjus laboratory has been used as a generic detector. Concerning the δ CP independent Θ13 sensitivity, a gain of about 20% may be reached using a 3.5 GeV proton beam with a 40 m long, 2 m radius decay tunnel compared to the up to now considered 2.2 GeV beam energy and 20 m long, 1 m radius decay tunnel. This may motivate new machine developments to upgrade the nominal SPL proton beam energy.