, 72:1995,
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Date: 04 May 2012

Measurement of inclusive and dijet D meson cross sections in photoproduction at HERA


The inclusive photoproduction of D mesons and of D -tagged dijets is investigated with the H1 detector at the ep collider HERA. The kinematic region covers small photon virtualities Q 2<2 GeV2 and photon–proton centre-of-mass energies of 100<W γp <285 GeV. Inclusive D meson differential cross sections are measured for central rapidities |η(D )|<1.5 and transverse momenta p T (D )>1.8 GeV. The heavy quark production process is further investigated in events with at least two jets with transverse momentum p T (jet)>3.5 GeV each, one containing the D meson. Differential cross sections for D -tagged dijet production and for correlations between the jets are measured in the range |η(D )|<1.5 and p T (D )>2.1 GeV. The results are compared with predictions from Monte Carlo simulations and next-to-leading order perturbative QCD calculations.