, 71:1695
Date: 28 Jul 2011

Review of lattice results concerning low-energy particle physics

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We review lattice results relevant for pion and kaon physics with the aim of making them easily accessible to the particle physics community. Specifically, we review the determination of the light-quark masses, the form factor f +(0), relevant for the semileptonic Kπ transition at zero momentum transfer as well as the ratio f K /f π of decay constants and discuss the consequences for the elements V us and V ud of the CKM matrix. Furthermore, we describe the results obtained on the lattice for some of the low-energy constants of SU(2) L ×SU(2) R and SU(3) L ×SU(3) R Chiral Perturbation Theory and review the determination of the B K parameter of neutral kaon mixing. We introduce quality criteria and use these when forming averages. Although subjective and imperfect, these criteria may help the reader to judge different aspects of current lattice computations. Our main results are summarized in Sect. 1.2, but we stress the importance of the detailed discussion that underlies these results and constitutes the bulk of the present review.