, Volume 70, Issue 4, pp 965-982,
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Date: 24 Nov 2010

Inclusive dijet cross sections in neutral current deep inelastic scattering at HERA


Single- and double-differential inclusive dijet cross sections in neutral current deep inelastic ep scattering have been measured with the ZEUS detector using an integrated luminosity of 374 pb−1. The measurement was performed at large values of the photon virtuality, Q 2, between 125 and 20 000 GeV2. The jets were reconstructed with the k T  cluster algorithm in the Breit reference frame and selected by requiring their transverse energies in the Breit frame, \(E^{\rm jet}_{T,{\rm B}}\) , to be larger than 8 GeV. In addition, the invariant mass of the dijet system, \(M_{\rm jj}\) , was required to be greater than 20 GeV. The cross sections are described by the predictions of next-to-leading-order QCD.