, Volume 52, Issue 3, pp 625-633
Date: 02 Oct 2007

Higgs and Z phenomenology in B–L extension of the standard model at LHC

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The phenomenology of the low scale U(1)B–L extension of the standard model and its implications at LHC energies is presented. In this model, an extra gauge boson corresponding to B–L gauge symmetry and an extra SM singlet scalar (heavy Higgs boson) are predicted. We show a detailed analysis of both heavy and light Higgs bosons decay and production in addition to the possible decay channels of the new gauge boson. We find that the cross sections of the SM-like Higgs production are reduced by ∼20–30%, while its decay branching ratios remain intact. The extra Higgs boson has relatively small cross sections and the branching ratios of Z→l+l- are of order ∼20% to be compared to ∼3% of the SM results. Hence, the search for Z is accessible via a clean dilepton signal at LHC.