, Volume 51, Issue 1, pp 1-23
Date: 28 Apr 2007

Measurement of K0 S, Λ and Λ̄ production at HERA

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The production of the neutral strange hadrons K0 S, Λ and Λ̄ has been measured in ep collisions at HERA using the ZEUS detector. Cross sections, baryon-to-meson ratios, relative yields of strange and charged light hadrons, Λ (Λ̄) asymmetry and polarization have been measured in three kinematic regions: Q2 > 25 GeV2; 5 < Q2 < 25 GeV2; and in photoproduction (Q2≃0). In photoproduction the presence of two hadronic jets, each with at least 5 GeV transverse energy, was required. The measurements agree in general with Monte Carlo models and are consistent with measurements made at e+e- colliders, except for an enhancement of baryon relative to meson production in photoproduction.