, Volume 49, Issue 2, pp 523-544
Date: 08 Dec 2006

Measurement of neutral current cross sections at high Bjorken-x with the ZEUS detector at HERA

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A new method is employed to measure the neutral current cross section up to Bjorken-x values of one with the ZEUS detector at HERA using an integrated luminosity of 65.1 pb-1 for e+p collisions and 16.7 pb-1 for e-p collisions at \(\sqrt{s}=318\,\mathrm{GeV}\) and 38.6 pb-1 for e+p collisions at \(\sqrt{s}=300\,\mathrm{GeV}\) . Cross sections have been extracted for Q2≥648 GeV2 and are compared to predictions using different parton density functions. For the highest x bins, the data have a tendency to lie above the expectations using recent parton density function parametrizations.