, 85:279
Date: 08 Aug 2012

Superconductivity at Tc = 44 K in LixFe2Se2(NH3)y

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Following a recent proposal by Burrard-Lucas et al. [arXiv:1203.5046] we intercalated FeSe with Li in liquid ammonia. We report on the synthesis of new Li x Fe2Se2(NH3) y phases as well as on their magnetic and superconducting properties. We suggest that the superconducting properties of these new hybride materials appear not to be influenced by the presence of electronically-innocent Li(NH2) molecules. Indeed, high onset temperatures of 44 K and shielding fractions of almost 80% were only obtained in samples containing exclusively Li x (NH3) y moieties acting simultaneously as electron donors and spacer units. The c-axis lattice parameter of the new intercalated phases is strongly enhanced when compared to the alkali-metal intercalated iron selenides A1−x Fe2−y Se2 with A = K, Rb, Cs, Tl with T c = 32 K.