, Volume 55, Issue 1, pp 77-84
Date: 09 Feb 2007

Magnetic structures and crystal field in the heavy electron materials YbAgGe and YbPtIn

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We have examined the magnetic properties of the heavy electron compounds YbAgGe and YbPtIn by 170Yb Mössbauer spectroscopy down to 0.1 K, and the crystal field properties of YbAgGe by Perturbed Angular Correlations (PAC) measurements up to 900 K. In YbAgGe, we show that each of the two magnetically ordered phases below 0.8 K involves a specific incommensurate modulation of the Yb moment. An analysis of existing low temperature specific heat data suggests the persistence of fluctuations of the correlated Yb spins down to 0.1 K. The PAC data allow to discriminate among proposed Yb3+ crystal field level schemes. In YbPtIn, we show that the low temperature magnetic order phase has an antiferro-para structure, where zero moment Yb ions coexist with large moment ones, and that a 90° moment reorientation occurs at 1.4 K.