The European Physical Journal B - Condensed Matter and Complex Systems

, Volume 49, Issue 3, pp 313–318

Exciton polaritons of nano-spherical-particle photonic crystals in compound lattices

Solid and Condensed State Physics

DOI: 10.1140/epjb/e2006-00073-5

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Zeng, Y., Chen, X., Lu, W. et al. Eur. Phys. J. B (2006) 49: 313. doi:10.1140/epjb/e2006-00073-5


Nonlocal investigations are presented for exciton-photon coupling in three-dimensional nano-spherical-particle photonic crystals in compound lattices for a tailored dielectric environment to optimize the optical properties of nano particles. The photonic band structure can be modified by tuning the nano particle size and the distance between two interlacing identical face-centered sub-lattices making up the photonic crystal lattice. A complete photonic band gap with a gap-midgap ratio as large as 40.82% has been found in the wurzite structure under the current investigation.


42.70.Qs Photonic bandgap materials (for photonic crystal lasers, see 42.55.Tv)73.63.Kv Quantum dots41.20.-q Applied classical electromagnetism

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  1. 1.National Laboratory for Infrared Physics, Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics, Chinese Academy of ScienceShanghaiChina
  2. 2.Theoretical Chemistry, Department of BiotechnologyRoyal Institute of TechnologyStockholmSweden