, 48:154
Date: 16 Nov 2012

Microscopic study on proton elastic scattering of light exotic nuclei at energies below than 100 MeV/nucleon

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The proton elastic scattering data on some light exotic nuclei, namely, 6, 8He, 9, 11Li, and 10, 11, 12Be, at energies below than 100MeV/nucleon are analyzed using the single folding optical model. The real, imaginary, and spin-orbit parts of the optical potential (OP) are constructed only from the folded potentials and their derivatives using M3Y effective nucleon-nucleon interaction. These OP parts, their renormalization factors and their volume integrals are studied. The surface and spin-orbit potentials are important to fit the experimental data. Three model densities for halo nuclei are used and the sensitivity of the cross-sections to these densities is tested. The imaginary OP within high-energy approximation is used and compared with the single folding OP. This OP with few and limited fitting parameters, which have systematic behavior with incident energy, successfully describes the proton elastic scattering data with exotic nuclei.

Communicated by M.C. Birse