, 48:74,
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Study of exclusive one-pion and one-eta production using hadron and dielectron channels in pp reactions at kinetic beam energies of 1.25 GeV and 2.2 GeV with HADES


We present measurements of exclusive $\ensuremath \pi^{+,0}$ and $ \eta$ production in pp reactions at 1.25GeV and 2.2GeV beam kinetic energy in hadron and dielectron channels. In the case of $ \pi^{+}_{}$ and $ \pi^{0}_{}$ , high-statistics invariant-mass and angular distributions are obtained within the HADES acceptance as well as acceptance-corrected distributions, which are compared to a resonance model. The sensitivity of the data to the yield and production angular distribution of $ \Delta$ (1232) and higher-lying baryon resonances is shown, and an improved parameterization is proposed. The extracted cross-sections are of special interest in the case of pp $ \rightarrow$ pp $ \eta$ , since controversial data exist at 2.0GeV; we find $\ensuremath \sigma=0.142\pm0.022$ mb. Using the dielectron channels, the $ \pi^{0}_{}$ and $ \eta$ Dalitz decay signals are reconstructed with yields fully consistent with the hadronic channels. The electron invariant masses and acceptance-corrected helicity angle distributions are found in good agreement with model predictions.

Communicated by M. Guidal