Date: 18 May 2012

Measurement of the 85Rb(γ, n)84mRb cross-section in the energy range 10-19 MeV with bremsstrahlung photons

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The 85Rb ( \( \gamma\) ,n) 84mRb cross-section has been measured with bremsstrahlung photons at the CEA/DAM ELSA electron accelerator. Electrons with energies ranging from 10 to 19 MeV have been used. Natural rubidium chloride, gold and copper samples have been irradiated at the same time. The well-known activation standards 197Au ( \( \gamma\) ,n) and 63Cu ( \( \gamma\) ,n) reaction cross-sections have been used to validate the experimental method and the data analysis based on the GEANT4 simulation code. Our results are compared to available experimental data.

Communicated by N. Alamanos