Date: 20 Apr 2011

Measurement of the neutron capture cross-section of 232Th using the neutron activation technique

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The 232Th(n, \( \gamma\) ) reaction cross-section at average neutron energies of 3.7±0.3 MeV and 9.85±0.38 MeV from the 7Li(p, n) reaction has been determined for the first time using activation and off-line \( \gamma\) -ray spectrometric technique. The 232Th(n, 2n) reaction cross-section at the average neutron energy of 9.85±0.38 MeV has been also determined using the same technique. The experimentally determined 232Th(n, \( \gamma\) ) and 232Th(n, 2n) reaction cross-sections were compared with the evaluated data of ENDF/B-VII, JENDL-4.0 and JEFF-3.1 and were found to be in good agreement. The present data along with literature data in a wide range of neutron energies were interpreted in terms of competition between different reaction channels including fission. The 232Th(n, \( \gamma\) ) and 232Th(n, 2n) reaction cross-sections were also calculated theoretically using the TALYS 1.2 computer code and were found to be slightly higher than the experimental data.

Communicated by N. Alamanos