, Volume 42, Issue 2, pp 257-268
Date: 03 Oct 2009

Kaonic production of \( \Lambda\) (1405) off deuteron target in chiral dynamics

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The K--induced production of \( \Lambda\)(1405) is investigated in K - d \( \rightarrow\) \( \pi\) \( \Sigma\) n reactions based on coupled-channels chiral dynamics, in order to discuss the resonance position of the \( \Lambda\)(1405) in the \( \bar{{K}}\) N channel. We find that the K - d \( \rightarrow\) \( \Lambda\)(1405)n process favors the production of \( \Lambda\)(1405) initiated by the \( \bar{{K}}\) N channel. The present approach indicates that the \( \Lambda\)(1405) -resonance position is 1420MeV rather than 1405MeV in the \( \pi\) \( \Sigma\) invariant-mass spectra of K - d \( \rightarrow\) \( \pi\) \( \Sigma\) n reactions. This is consistent with an observed spectrum of the K - d \( \rightarrow\) \( \pi^{{+}}_{}\) \( \Sigma^{{-}}_{}\) n with 686-844MeV/c incident K- by bubble chamber experiments done in the 70s. Our model also reproduces the measured \( \Lambda\)(1405) production cross-section.