, Volume 39, Issue 3, pp 307-314
Date: 03 Feb 2009

An improved approximation scheme for the centrifugal term and the Hulthén potential

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We present a new approximation scheme for the centrifugal term to solve the Schrödinger equation with the Hulthén potential for any arbitrary l -state by means of a mathematical Nikiforov-Uvarov (NU) method. We obtain the bound-state energy eigenvalues and the normalized corresponding eigenfunctions expressed in terms of the Jacobi polynomials or hypergeometric functions for a particle exposed to this potential field. Our numerical results of the energy eigenvalues are found to be in high agreement with those results obtained by using the program based on a numerical integration procedure. The s -wave (l = 0analytic solution for the binding energies and eigenfunctions of a particle are also calculated. The physical meaning of the approximate analytical solution is discussed. The present approximation scheme is systematic and accurate.

B. Ananthanarayan