, Volume 35, Issue 2, pp 167-170
Date: 11 Mar 2008

Lifetime measurement of the six-quasiparticle isomer in 140Nd and evidence for an isomer above the 19/2+ state in 139Nd

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The lifetime of the recently discovered six-quasiparticle (6-qp) isomer in 140Nd has been measured using the 126Te(18O, 4n) reaction and the pulsed-beam technique at the Institut de Physique Nucléaire (IPN) Orsay. The deduced lifetime of the 6-qp isomer in 140Nd of 1.23(7)μs supports the 20+ spin-parity assignment to the isomeric state which is based on a spherical configuration that coexists with the triaxial bands observed in this spin range. Evidence for delayed components for the transitions below the 19/2+ state in 139Nd was observed, with an apparent half-life of 272(4)ns.

R. Krücken