, Volume 32, Issue 3, pp 251-260
Date: 08 Jun 2007

The reaction 48Ca + 238U → 286112* studied at the GSI-SHIP

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The fusion reaction of 48Ca projectiles with 238U target nuclei was studied at the velocity filter SHIP of GSI in Darmstadt. Two decay chains were measured, which fully confirm data that were previously assigned to the isotope 283112 in experiments at the Flerov Laboratory in Dubna. Two other events are consistent with a 50% spontaneous-fission (SF) branch of this isotope. The mean value obtained for the half-life of 283112 is (6.9 +6.9 -2.3 s, the α energy is (9.520±0.015) MeV, and the total kinetic energy (TKE) of SF is (238±14) MeV. The half-life of the α decay daughter nucleus 279Ds is (0.18 +0.32 -0.07 s, and the TKE of SF is (210 +32 -11 MeV. The cross-section deduced from all four events is (0.72 +0.58 -0.35 pb , measured at an excitation energy of 34.6MeV of the compound nucleus 286112.

J. Äystö