Observation of bound excited states in 15B

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The structure of the A/Z = 3 nucleus 15B has been investigated using the in-beam \(\gamma\) -spectroscopy technique with a fragmentation reaction of a 36S beam on a 9Be target at 77.5 \({\rm MeV}\cdot A\) . The fragments were identified and selected by their energy loss and time of flight using the SPEG spectrograph. \(\gamma\) -ray energies and intensities have been measured in coincidence with the projectile-like fragments. From this information as well as from the \(\gamma\gamma\) -coincidence relationships a level scheme is proposed for 15B up to the neutron separation energy. The experimental results have been interpreted using shell model calculations in the psd valence space. Effects of the weakly bound nature of the valence neutrons have been observed.

Received: 4 May 2004, Revised: 2 September 2004, Published online: 19 October 2004


25.70.Mn Projectile and target fragmentation - 23.20.Lv \(\gamma\) transitions and level energies - 27.20. + n \(6 \leq A \leq 19\) - 21.60.Cs Shell model

Communicated by J. Äystö