New isotope 265Bh

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A new isotope 265 Bh was produced and identified at the Sector Focus Cyclotron of the Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou. This experiment was performed via the reaction of an 243 Am target with 168 MeV 26 Mg ions. Identification was made by observation of correlated \(\alpha \) -particle decays between the new isotope 265 Bh and its 261 Db and 257 Lr daughter nuclei using a set of rotating-wheels system. A total of 8 correlated decay events of 265 Bh and 4 decay events of 264 Bh were observed. 265 Bh decays with a 0.94 -0.31 + 0.70 s half-life by emission of \(\alpha \) -particles with an average energy of \(9.24 \pm 0.05\) MeV. The half-life and \(\alpha \) decay energy of 265 Bh from this experiment are in agreement with theoretical predictions.

Received: 4 March 2004, Revised: 19 April 2004, Published online: 26 May 2004


25.70.Gh Compound nucleus - 27.90. + b \(220\leq A\)

Communicated by D. Schwalm