, Volume 55, Issue 9, pp 1976-1983
Date: 05 Sep 2013

Molecular dynamics simulation of compression of single-layer graphene

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The compression of a single-layer graphene sheet in the “zigzag” and “armchair” directions has been investigated using the molecular dynamics method. The distributions of the xy and yx stress components are calculated for atomic chains forming the graphene sheet. A graphene sheet stands significant compressive stresses in the “zigzag” direction and retains its integrity even at a strain of ∼0.35. At the same time, the stresses which accompany the compressive deformation of single-layer graphene in the “armchair” direction are more than an order in magnitude lower than corresponding characteristics for the “zigzag” direction. A compressive strain of ∼0.35 in the “armchair” direction fractures the graphene sheet into two parts.