, Volume 39, Issue 9, pp 755-762
Date: 17 Sep 2013

Mathematical modeling of gas-dynamic and radiative processes in experiments with the use of laser and heavy-ion beams

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Results are presented from theoretical and experimental studies of gas-dynamic and radiative processes in the plasma that is planned to be used in future experiments on the stopping of fast heavy-ion beams. These experiments are aimed at measuring the enhanced (as compared to cold substance) plasma stopping power. To reliably interpret the experimental results, it is necessary to create a hydrodynamically stable homogeneous plasma with a uniform temperature and a lifetime exceeding the transit time of the heavy-ion beam (3–5 ns). The method for calculating plasma gas-dynamic characteristics with allowance for radiative heat transfer is described. The specific features of the so-called ion model of plasma, which is used to calculate plasma radiative characteristics, are discussed. The emission spectrum formed as a result of conversion of laser radiation into X-rays and the subsequent passing through a triacetate cellulose (C12H16O8) target is calculated. The simulated spectrum of transmitted radiation satisfactorily agrees with experimental data.