, Volume 39, Issue 1, pp 51-57
Date: 25 Mar 2013

Barnacles (Cirripedia: Thoracica) from the equatorial East Pacific

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Previously unidentified barnacles (Cirripedia: Thoracica) that were collected during the ninth cruise of the R/V Akademik Mstislav Keldysh in the equatorial zone of the East Pacific Ocean from depths of 1422–1490 m are examined. The following species were found in two samples we studied: Amigdoscalpellum costellatum, A. elegans, Arcoscalpellum michelottianum, Annandaleum gruvelii gruvelii, Cristallinaverruca allisoni, and Metaverruca recta. These species are described, illustrated, and compared to the published data. This study extends the previously known areas of distribution of some species and adds further data on their morphology.