, Volume 51, Issue 9, pp 738-744
Date: 25 Dec 2011

Variability of microsatellite loci of Greenland cod Gadus ogac Richardson 1836: Comparison with other species of Gadus genus (Gadidae)

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Comparative analysis of variability of seven microsatellite loci—Gmo3, Gmo-G12, Gmo-G18, Gmo19, Gmo34, Gmo35 and Pgmo32—was performed for the Greenland cod Gadus ogac, Pacific cod G. macrocephalus, Atlantic cod G. morhua, and White Sea cod G. morhua marisalbi. High genetic identity was observed between the Greenland cod and Pacific cod (I = 0.9520). Pair analysis of genetic differentiation was performed on the studied microsatellite loci according to θ (analogue of F ST). The Greenland cod differed significantly from the Pacific, Atlantic, and the White Sea cod; however, the differentiation level varied. The lowest value was observed for the pair Greenland cod-Pacific cod (0.123), and the highest levels were registered for the pairs Greenland cod-Atlantic cod (0.605) and Greenland cod-White Sea cod (0.535).