, Volume 44, Issue 5, pp 456-474

Trace elements and REE in the Cevonian clastic complexes of the Magnitogorsk Megazone, Southern Urals

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The first data on trace-element geochemistry, REEs included, of the Devonian clastic and volcanosedimentary complexes in the Magnitogorsk Megazone have been obtained with ICP-MS. The correlation links and the character of distribution indicate that many elements, including those readily passing into solutions during weathering, were transferred as mechanical suspensions. Therefore, minerals concentrating these elements were largely preserved, as also were the distribution and concentrations of elements inherent to the source rocks. Both accessory minerals (apatite, zircon, Ti-minerals, and magnetite) and rock-forming minerals (pyroxene, amphibole, biotite, serpentine, chlorite, and plagioclase) were found among mineral concentrators. Clay minerals also seem to have participated in the processes. The typical elements of various complexes were identified. The distribution of trace elements is correlated with the stratigraphic position of rocks and depends on the character of the petrographic provinces.