, Volume 76, Issue 3, pp 283-294
Date: 20 Mar 2011

Eukaryotic type translation initiation factor 2: Structure–functional aspects

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Translation initiation factor 2 (IF2) is one of key components of the translation initiation system in living cells. In bacteria IF2 is a multidomain monomeric protein, while in eukaryotic and archaean cells e/aIF2 is heterotrimer (αβγ). Data, including our own, on eukaryotic type translation initiation factor 2 (e/aIF2) structure and functioning are presented. There are also new data on initiation factors eIF5 and eIF2B that directly interact with eIF2 and control its participation in nucleotide exchange.

Original Russian Text © E. A. Stolboushkina, M. B. Garber, 2011, published in Biokhimiya, 2011, Vol. 76, No. 3, pp. 349–362.