Condensed Matter

Journal of Experimental and Theoretical Physics Letters

, Volume 82, Issue 3, pp 150-154

First online:

Non-Fermi liquid theory of quantum Hall effects

  • A. M. M. PruiskenAffiliated withInstitute for Theoretical Physics, University of Amsterdam
  • , M. A. BaranovAffiliated withVan der Waals-Zeeman Institute for Experimental Physics, University of AmsterdamRussian Research Centre Kurchatov Institute
  • , I. S. BurmistrovAffiliated withInstitute for Theoretical Physics, University of AmsterdamLandau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences

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Within the Grassmannian U(2N)/U(N) × U(N) nonlinear σ-model representation of localization, one can study the low-energy dynamics of both a free and interacting electron gas. We study the crossover between these two fundamentally different physical problems. We show how the topological arguments for the exact quantization of the Hall conductance are extended to include the Coulomb interaction problem. We discuss dynamical scaling and make contact with the theory of variable range hopping.

PACS numbers

71.10.Pm 72.10.−d 73.43.−f