, Volume 30, Issue 8, pp 549-565

JHKLM photometry for carbon stars

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We discuss our JHKLM photometry for nine carbon Mira stars, eighteen carbon semiregular variables, and two oxygen Mira stars. For fourteen carbon stars, we present and analyze their infrared light and color curves. For all of the observed objects, we have estimated the optical depths of the circumstellar dust envelopes, the angular diameters of the stars, and their temperatures.

Translated from Pis’ma v Astronomicheski \(\overset{\lower0.5em\hbox{\(\smash{\scriptscriptstyle\smile}\)}}{l} \) Zhurnal, Vol. 30, No. 8, 2004, pp. 605–622.
Original Russian Text Copyright © 2004 by Taranova, Shenavrin.